Kanab Utah

Kane County

Kanab Utah is largest town in Kane County and the gateway to three national Parks, five national monuments, a renowned National Recreational Area, two state parks, two national forests, and unlimited outdoor adventures.  In every direction there are breath-taking views: the unique vistas of The Grand Canyon to the south,Zion National Park to the west, Bryce Canyon National Park to the north, and Lake Powell/Glen Canyon to the East. Native Americans have lived in this region for thousands of years and populations of the native people have come and gone.  Evidence of ancient cultures is prevalent with petroglyphs and pictographs decorating our canyons.

This area of Southern Utah is famous for its numerous slot canyons – long narrow slits cut through sandstone, with towering walls so close that you can barely squeeze through in some areas. Formed by water over thousands of years, these hairline cracks in the earth’s surface are a hiker and a photographer’s paradise of tight-quartered caverns. Whether you’re looking for a beginner or an expert canyon adventure, world famous canyon hikes like “Peekaboo”, Zion “Narrows”, the “Subway”, “Red Cave”, “Bull Valley Gorge”, “Buckskin Gulch”, and dozens of others await your exploration.  The geologic history of the Grand Canyons region is remarkable as this area has been impacted significantly by earthquakes, volcanoes, and the erosion of lakes, rivers, wind and time.

Belly of the Dragon 37.21172198902524,-112.68513509372849
Bunting Trail - Trailhead 1145-1235 W Stansfield Dr Kanab, UT 84741
Catstair Rip-Rap Catstair Rip-Rap
Catstair Writings Catstair Writings
Cottonwood Trail - Trailhead 1235 W Stansfield Dr, Kanab, UT 84741, USA
Crosby Canyon Overlook Crosby Canyon Overlook
Dinosaur Tracks 37.08358912354806,-112.535766385101
Inchworm Arch Inchworm Arch
Jackson Flat Reservoir Jackson Flat Reservoir
Lick Wash Trailhead 37.36475345253192,-112.18854380506792
Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave Duck Creek Ridge Rd Duck Creek Village, UT 84762
Johnson Canyon Western Movie Set 4203- 4213 Johnson Canyon Rd Kanab, UT 84741
Mansard Hike Mansard Hike, Kanab, UT
Marble Canyon Marble Canyon, AZ, USA
Paria Townsite 37.18592054089961, -111.99568092270545
Raven Roadrunner Raven Roadrunner, Kanab, UT
Sand Caves Sand Caves, Kanab, UT
Smokey Mountains Smoke Holes Smokey Holes
South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs
Squaw Trail Squaw Trail, Kanab, UT
Wahweap Hoodoos Wahweap Hoodoos
Toadstools Trailhead 37.10092275730019, -111.87352521470189
Kanab Heritage House Kanab Heritage House
White Pocket White Pocket
Kaiparowits Plateau Kaiparowits Plateau
Johnson Canyon Johnson Canyon Road, Kanab, UT
Coyote Buttes Coyote Buttes
Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Road, Kanab, UT
Bull Valley Gorge Bull Valley Gorge
Grosvenor Arch Grosvenor Arch
Zion National Park Zion National Park
Pipe Springs National Monument Pipe Springs National Monument
The Wave Trail The Wave Trail
Paria Canyon Wilderness Paria Canyon Wilderness
Peek-a-boo Canyon Peek-a-boo Canyon
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
Grand Canyon North Rim Grand Canyon North Rim
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park