Burger Joints of Utah

Our topic this week on the KSL Outdoors Radio Show – Favorite Local Burger Joints in Utah.

We make it a point while on road trips to find local places to eat that are unique to the area. Why go to a restaurant that you have at home? We especially enjoy local burger joints. Not only does this introduce us to new and often unique twists on burgers but it also gives us a taste of the local community. For us, small towns are our Michelin choice for places to visit, and for dining.

Road trips can be a culinary adventure.

We encourage travelers to check out local eateries and order their specialty, ask for local’s favorite. Something we’ve learned is to ask if there is a popular item that’s not on the menu. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

We can’t name all the many local burger joints in Utah, so we narrowed the list to just a few that we like. See if your favorite is on the list or post your favorite in the comments below.


Our Short List of Places to Get a Good Burger

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