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Bob Grove sticks around to share his latest experiences at Lake Powell with Tim and Russ. Russ takes us to Hyrum Lake State Park for this week’s Camp Spot of the Week.


Tim, Russ, and Navi recap the floods in Southern Utah that brought a Summer’s worth of precipitation. Bob Grove connects with Tim from Lake Powell with a Satellite phone. They talk about the water levels there, the quagga mussel issues, and the fun that can be had despite these issues at the lake.


DWR Sport Fish Coordinator Randy Oplinger joins Tim and Bob to talk about the changes to fishing regulations due to low water levels. This week’s road trip Bob and Mark take us out for some good burgers. The guys talk about what makes a good burger and some of the best burger spots around the state.


The Adventure Specialist Captain Ray Golden from Ticaboo Lodge joins Tim and Bob Grove to talk about his fishing experience on the Cell Way. Fishbytes features Paul Phillips from Strawberry Bay Marina.


Kim Hersey from the DWR joins Tim, Russ, and Bob to talk about recent sightings of river otters. For this week’s road trip Bob takes us to Monument Valley and the reopening of the Navajo National Parks.


Antelope Island State Park Assistant Park Manager Wendy Wilson to talk about lake levels at Antelope Island and bison safety. This week’s road trip with Bob Grove and Mark Wade takes us ziplining at a few locations around Utah.


DWR Licensing Coordinator Lindy Varney joins Tim, Russ, and Navi to talk about the upcoming sale for hunting licenses and a new law that just went into effect that may affect some hunters. Bob Grove and Mark Wade talk about the recent floods in Southern Utah and what they experienced.


Just leave Bambi there. Faith Jolley from the DWR talks with Tim about the dangers of trying to take wildlife home with you. Bob Grove and Mark Wade join Tim from Wayne County to talk about what you can experience in that part of the state.


Covey Jones from the DWR joins Tim to discuss recent moose encounters and what you should do if you encounter one. This week’s road trip with Bob Grove and Mark Wade features places you can go to escape the heat.


Legendary sports broadcaster Steve Brown joins Tim, Bob, and Mark to talk about his love of the outdoors and what’s going on with him these days.


To Emery County We Go
Tim and Bob discuss the viral video of a teen rescuing her dog from a bear. DWS Aquatic Invasive Species Lieutenant Bruce Johnson joins Tim and Bob to talk about the boat inspections conducted at Lake Powell. Bob Grove and Mark Wade take us to Emery County for this week’s road trip.


Tim, Bob, and Mark talk about what they experienced at Zions National Park including something Tim can now check off his bucket list.

Client Features

We place clients on popular outdoor TV shows, Here are a few episodes from shows we were instrumental in arranging.