View from Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Point is the highest viewpoint within the main Bryce Canyon Amphitheater. It’s also the best place to view and capture pictures of sunrise. This was confirmed to us when we spotted an IMAX crew there on one occasion at sunrise. They know what they’re doing, right? The Peek-A-Boo trail ends, or begins at Bryce Point depending on how strenuous you want the hike. I recommend the less strenuous route for those who aren’t acclimated to the 8,000 ft elevation. Start at Bryce Point and ending at either Sunset or Sunrise Points. If go to Sunrise Point you’ll connect to the Queen’s Garden Trail. From there you can take the shuttle back to Bryce Point or for the more ambitious you can hike the Rim Trail.

Previously posted photos (click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge)

Many Pools 37.22187358290405,-112.91485622522634
The Vortex 37.271234085805,-113.74751206086827
Toquerville Falls 37.29867394270798,-113.24687855779213
The West Temple 37.211093833744165,-113.02021759272395
Great White Throne 37.2645565267844, -112.9407950431737
Hackberry General Store 35.37498342735744, -113.72271820539834
Sunrise at Dead Horse Point 38.469325418297444,-109.73943120255768
Mt. Belknap 38.419811248164066,-112.41283398285623
Brian Head Peak 37.681956843812706,-112.82999906460799
Goblin Valley State Park 38.56472666749515,-110.70363526319068
Maze Overlook Campground 38.2332596914074,-110.00210839198928
Canyonlands Needles District Visitor Center 38.168133762996916,-109.75955948949087
Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky 38.459800113640966, -109.82069871645751
Angels Landing 37.271824569323314,-112.95006239968319
Red Cliffs National Conservation Area 37.21113032013738, -113.40122399598744
Padre Canyon Trailhead 37.19446824910815,-113.6593815182137
Forrest Gump Hill 37.1023465990392,-109.98917522488176
Kolob Canyon in Winter 37.46174267074972, -113.19963064112312
The Watchman 37.18533687815027,-112.97959908537223
Two Top Mountain 44.62492444461046,-111.25911595448383
Capitol Reef National Park 38.30831687179359,-111.29053218309753
The Wave 36.99593344416519,-112.00627821102375
The Wave Trailhead 37.01905958780292, -112.02489509986253
La Sal Mountains 38.52850901728889, -109.22834776508597
Old Junkers 37.721895841740015,-110.22243624416046
Gifford Farm 38.28392298207961, -111.24726895112417
Head of the Rocks Overlook of the Grand Staircase Escalante NM 37.746629030741914, -111.45403479200411
Bryce Point at Bryce Canyon National Park 37.605764691696265,-112.15796675023779
Newspaper Rock 37.9884156499265, -109.51826948240648
Acoma Pueblo 34.89632580295532, -107.58228426042024
Yellowstone Bison 44.551261415029515,-110.39953206471887
Broken Arch Trail 38.76900082906391,-109.58101250415535
Delicate Arch 38.74363631513776,-109.49931158947862