British Columbia. Exploring Vancouver, Squamish, Victoria & Tofino

British Columbia In September

Rain Forests, Waterfalls, Scenic Drives, Hikes, Adventures.

So you’re looking for a destination.

– Waterfalls
– Scenic Drives
– Rain Forests
– Scenic Hikes
– Ocean Beaches
– Scenic Bike Rides
– Gondolas from Sea to Sky
– Abundant Wildlife
….and we can’t leave out Butchart Gardens. Wow!!!
You get the picture. Literally. British Columbia is a cornucopia of visual amazement.
Enjoy our photos and videos of our wanderings in western Canada,  We have been blown away with the province of British Columbia, Canada.  The people are great, and the scenery, the food, and the clean sweet smelling air are more than impressive as well.

British Columbia seems to be one large forest.  This province of Canada is downright spectacular. Late spring, summer, and early fall are great times to be here if you’re intent is to hike, bike, and explore.  Winter enthusiasts will enjoy the many ski and snowboard areas, along with a billion acres of snow filled forests for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Enjoy these sights and sounds.

What’s Moss Got To Do With It?
Tina Turner used the word Love rather than Moss in her famous song, but moss is an interesting element of nature and is especially prominent in British Columbia. Here’s a collection of shots from the rain forests of British Columbia. We’ve been amazed at the thick foliage that fills almost the entirety of this Canadian province.
Many of these pics come from an area near Squamish, BC.

Moss On The North Side Of Trees:  We’ve likely all heard this, and even repeated it, but studies show that moss will grow just about anywhere. It’s true that, in the northern hemisphere that moss does grow more predominantly on the north side of trees but scientists have shown that moss is all commonly found on all compass points around a tree, on rocks, and other forest features.  So where does moss grow more predominantly in the southern hemisphere? You guessed, on the south side of the tree.  Just don’t depend on this trend to guarantee your direction when lost in the forest.

I guess we’ll see what happens, I’m predicting a colorful year!

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