Our List of Best Places to View Fall Foliage

Our Fifth Annual List of Places to Leaf Peep

Once again it’s that time of year when we list our favorite places to see Fall colors. We started the tradition of giving our lists on radio and TV more than 20 years ago but it wasn’t until 2017 that we started adding the places to our blog, so I guess you could say it’s become an annual event.

The list doesn’t change much from year to year. We have our mainstays that are impossible to leave off, but we always try to add something different each year, which we will do this year as well.

It’s hard to predict how good the colors will be each year. Wet and dry years seem to change the vibrancy of the leaves. I’ve heard the weatherman explain the reasons, the Global Weather Climate Center offers this explanation;

Temperature, sunlight, and soil moisture are key factors that determine the boldness and vibrancy of fall leaf colors. Spring and fall weather are key. Since leaves grow in the spring, wetter springs are ideal. In the fall, warm and sunny days paired with cool and dry nights yield colorful leaf foliage.

I guess we’ll see what happens, I’m predicting a colorful year!

The List!

Click the links in the list for route maps

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