Arctix Outdoor Apparel

We recently tested winter outerwear for a company that’s new to us called Arctix. A high plateau close to where we live received several inches of fresh snow this past week would serve as our testing ground.

With Arctix clothes in tow, we set out with our wives to put them to the test. It was a clear day in the low to mid-30’s with 6-8 inches of fresh snow. A good portion of the trail we hiked was shaded within an area of narrow canyons and sandstone cliffs. The clothes performed extremely well in keeping us warm and proved to be quite durable while climbing and scrambling through tight slot canyons and rocky passages.

Arctix jackets, pants, and gloves were are designed with every aspect of comfort in mind.  Our wives raved about the quality and numerous pockets for accessories.  The clothes we tested are suited better for snow sports such as downhill skiing and snowmobiling, which we still intend to do, but on this day they served us well on our hike. Arctix specialize in snow pants, bibs and jackets for the whole family, as well as boardshorts and rash guards for men.

Here’s an adventure we went on to test the product. We stayed warm and comfortable in this apparel (gloves, coats, pants).

Take a quick view at all the pockets, snaps, and zippers  that can be found on Arctix apparel.  We think they hit a home run with this…

We especially like the very smart placement of a zippered pocket on the gloves. Perfect for a credit card…