Weather Preparation and Safety In The Outdoors

Rain, Wind and Snow can creep up you in the outdoors and wreak havoc when least expected.  With that in mind it’s always good to have a few key items with you in your pockets, or pack.  Here’s a few suggestions to consider:


Hydration: This can be taken to various levels but ensure that you always carry enough water with you.  Portable small water filters are a next step if you feel you are going far enough into the back-country that  this will be a necessity.

Insulation:  We suggest you always carry at least a light packable jacket, gloves, and a warm hat.  Even in summer, especially at higher elevation, you can see a drastic downturn in temperature when a storm rolls through your location.

Illumination:  You never know when complications are  going to extend your back-country experience into darker hours and a headlamp is light and small, easy to bring along.

Fire:  Always carry matches, a lighter, or a fire-starter stick.  These are light, small, and so essential.

Emergency Shelter: This can be as easy and as simple as a thin plastic poncho, easily acquired for a dollar or two, and can be more complex depending on you space and possible needs. But in an emergency you’re at least looking for something to cut the wind and keep you dry.

Additional Meaningful Items

Nutrition:  Dried fruit and nuts sit right near the top of our recommendation for essential fats and energy that will keep you going.  These are light and easy to keep in your go-back or pack.  Beyond that, energy bars, and other light foods will suffice in a pinch.

Navigation:  A compass and a printed map are great for back-country areas if you don’t have a GPS enabled device.

Sun Protection: Hats and long pants, and long-sleeve shirts can solve this problem to a degree, but sun-protection for any exposed parts of your body is important.

First-aid Supplies:  Bob laughs at the old band-aids I’ve pulled out of my pack, that were no longer able to stick to anything. Bring along a small day-pack size first aid kit with the essentials.  Electrical or sports tape can be a wise inclusion for injury support.

Repair Kit + Tools:  A light multi-tool is a great item to always include and some wire, and electrical tape will solve a lot of problems temporarily.

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