Lava Tubes - Millard County

Finding Solitude In Utah’s Great Basin

Interstate 15 runs north and south in the U.S.A. essentially from the borders of Canada to Mexico. Central along this route are towns such as Scipio, Fillmore and Meadow, Utah.  Recently we ventured out to explore some of the highlights of this area known as Millard County in Utah, one of the state’s largest counties.

We haven’t had time, as yet, to provide all the details, but here’s a video and a few photos to whet your whistle.

Branching west from this route you’ll find the small city of Delta, Utah and west from Delta you’re headed out along one of America’s loneliest roads, Highway 50, toward Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

This is a region that offers some of the most unique attractions and destinations you will ever experience.  We recommend finding lodging in either Fillmore, Scipio, or Delta, and venturing out from there.  You’ll find restaurants are plentiful, along with shops, and grocery stores for all your need supplies.

Learn more at this web-site for Millard County, Utah which provides more information the heart of Utah’s Great Basin region.

More to come.

When we arrived at Meadow Hot Springs there was a young couple visiting from the Atlanta, Georgia area and they kindly volunteered be part of this video we created.  This is one of three hot pools, each with a different temperature, that are accessible on some private land just west of the town of Meadow, Utah.

The map below highlights the places we visited on this particular day. We just scratched the surface; Millard County covers a large geographic area and requires a liberal amount of time to visit. It will take several trips for us to explore this little-known area of Utah, which we’re definitely up to doing and we’re already looking forward to our next trip.

So Many Roads, So Many Places

There are so many places in Utah and in the surrounding states of the Intermountain region we visit that are generally unknown to most travelers, including the residents of these states. I don’t think it’s a stretch to include Millard County on this list.

We hope our road trips to these places off-the-beaten-trail motivate you to take the roads less traveled for exploring another side of the West we call home.

Learn more about Millard County by visiting the official website at

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