Old Frisco Mining Town

The Wildest Town In The Great Basin

Located on the southern tip of the San Francisco Mountains, west of Milford Utah on Hwy 21 are the remnants of the Frisco ghost town. With 23 saloons, Frisco was known as the wildest town in the Great Basin. Murder was a common occurrence. From 1879 to 1929 it was an active mining camp with a population of 6,000 that peaked in 1885. Today it is a collection of old dilapidated buildings, closed off mine shafts, and eroding charcoal beehive kilns.

Lawless Town

Lonesome Dove movies probably got their scripts from places like this. The silent echoes of the past reverberated within us as we ventured through some of the remnants of this historic site that was said to be the roughest town in the region. A sheriff would have had his hands full with miners with nothing to do but drink, gamble, race horses, and shoot guns.

For more information about Frisco and other points of interest in Beaver County Utah, visit www.ramblersutah.com.

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