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Heart of the Grand Staircase

Escalante or Escalant as locals call it, was named after Silvestre Vélez de Escalante, a Franciscan Priest and early explorer who searched for a route from Santa Fe New Mexico to Monterrey California. You’ll hear or see his name often as it is attached to many popular area attractions, and points of interest. This small town of around 800 people is located on Utah’s world famous Highway 12 that is considered one of the most beautiful scenic byways in the U.S. and one of only a handful of roads in the U.S. receiving the prestigious All American Road designation.

Base Camp

Escalante is a natural hub for exploring a lengthy list of well-known adventurous and scenic places in this south-central part of Utah. At the top of the list is the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, a vast colorful array of canyons and badlands where the term “lose yourself” could have literal meaning. Other popular places include Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, Devil’s Garden, Calf Creek Recreation Area and Lower Calf Creek Waterfall, Hole In The Rock Road with its many slot canyons and historic significance to the settling of Utah.

Escalante is an easy day trip to Bryce Canyon (50 miles) and Capitol Reef National Park (73 miles). Other points of interest within a short drive of Escalante are listed on the map below. For more information about Escalante and its many adventures visit

Details and directions for these recreation areas and others are available at the map below.


For a town this size there are an ample services for lodging, places to eat, guides and outfitters.

Slot Canyons Inn – For the past 15 years the inn has been home base for visitors wanting to explore the dramatic scenery of the surrounding area. The Inn offers eight single king and queen rooms, along with two, 2-room suites that each sleep six people, and she also has completely dismantled and rebuilt a historic cabin that sleeps eight.  Craving pizza? Two words, Escalante Outfitters! This is one of our favorite stops whether we’re staying in Escalante or just passing through. Try out their gourmet sandwiches, salads, pizza, and pastries. Translated, Escalante means adventure. Okay, we made that up but this is the staging place for the many adventures in the surrounding landscape. A good place to get help for seeing this landscape up close and personal is High Adventure Rentals and Tours. Offerings include Jeep and UTV rentals and tours. If you prefer human powered adventure, they also offer guided hiking tours.

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Powell Point Vista (viewpoint) 37.63952416028764, -111.84413286273137
Bryce Canyon National Park 37.64024576673479, -112.16914222628478
Capitol Reef National Park 38.291025001819804, -111.2607285516579
Devils Garden 37.585234887086486, -111.4148404041735
Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument 37.53686164904967,-111.6327218663402
Anasazi State Park Museum 37.91082083971918, -111.42360588231965
Kodachrome Basin State Park 37.51623351335501, -111.98854918139196
Escalante 37.77026605927076, -111.60166406847907
Boulder Utah 37.90323486331462, -111.42583615572
Hells Backbone Road 37.894393000415, -111.4701106935592
Escalante River Trailhead 37.775894700220675, -111.41955405610007
Kiva Koffeehouse 37.77217927836177, -111.41691938927937
Head of the Rocks Overlook 37.746633458130034, -111.45403280880058
Hole in the Rock Road 37.72661404284336, -111.53060671228323
Escalante Heritage Center 37.76256559095783, -111.5784887341319
Escalante Interagency Visitor Center 37.772764072123024, -111.61570236248812
Upper Valley Graineries (ruin) 37.74211447980726, -111.7221218535456
The Hogback 37.83958842934988,-111.42141852910305
Lower Calf Creek Falls 37.82914420047857,-111.42010396248658
Calf Creek Campground / Lower Calf Creek Falls Trailhead 37.79300146137373, -111.4145849708944
Escalante Petrified Forest State Park 37.78674036709515,-111.63068627004745
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