The Airskirts Inflatable Cooler

Quite often on our tours we pack lunches with us on for the day when restaurants are not conveniently close by or when we know a nice place for a picnic while visiting a scenic attraction. However, since we already have a cooler on board for water and drinks there’s generally not enough room to bring an additional cooler with luggage and guest daypacks, etc. taking up all the extra space while traveling. We’ve used disposable Styrofoam coolers, but they just don’t hold up and rarely large enough when we have a full van.

Problem Solved

This past off-season I discovered a new cooler that inflates, is easy to transport, takes up little space (about the size of a medium size suitcase) and is large enough for our groups.

Airskirts Inflatable Cooler

The AirSkirts inflatable cooler is a solid, industrial-strength piece of gear that’s made out of material similar to that used for inflatable standup paddleboards. It’s pretty indestructible! It’s ideally designed for people tight on space, hello! The cooler, pump, and liner fit neatly in a soft zip up case.

It’s advertised as a cooler that inflates to a full-size, hard-bodied design when you need it, and then shrinks down to something that’s easier to stash in a closet, garage, or in the back of a Sprinter van, RV, campervan, etc. I think this would be great product for RVs and campervans.

Cooler Details

The cooler has a volume of approximately 58 quarts and weighs just under 10 pounds, which is much lighter than any of the traditional hard-shell coolers we use for our drinks and large enough for a van full or people. The material is similar to what’s used for an inflatable paddleboard that makes it lightweight and durable and is far stronger than a temporary disposable Styrofoam cooler, not even close! It kept our lunches fresh in the extremely hot summer days of Southern Utah and has solved an ongoing problem with how to haul two coolers on a tour with limited space.

The set-up is easy, it’s like pumping up a watersports toy. Packing it the first time in the case may take an extra try but once you have it down it’s a breeze.

It does come with a lofty retail price of $400, which may not fit everyone’s budget but for us it’s worth the cost.

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