Southern Utah’s Scenic Byway 14

Highway 14

Cedar City to Highway 89 – Scenic Route!

Utah has 28 designated scenic byways representing hundreds of miles of jaw-dropping scenery, points of interest, roadside attractions, historic sites and more. From tip-to-tip Utah is a visual buffet of scenic splendor. We have driven most, if not all these routes to see the best of what Utah has to offer. That’s what we do.

This week on the KSL Outdoors Radio Show with Tim Hughes we talked about one of our favorite routes, SR-14 from Cedar City to Highway 89 at Long Valley Junction. The highway crosses from west to east over the Markagunt Plateau, aka, Cedar Mountain with nearly every mile tempting motorist to pull over to take in more. We particularly enjoy this route in the Fall when it comes alive in a tapestry of color.

All major routes on the Markagunt Plateau are designated scenic byways, which speaks volumes of the scenery of this region. Southern Utah never disappoints and this small section of the state that’s home to the Mighty 5 is no exception.

Let’s go for a road trip! Below is a map that flags all the primary points of interest.

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