Tom’s Welding Barstow California

My favorite road trips are on the roads less traveled that we often take without any advance planning. I look for routes that take me to places I haven’t seen or seldom visit. These trips quite often uncover attractions and historic sites that tell a story and give the area its own unique character. On one such trip to southern California, I decided to get off I-15 in Barstow to bypass traffic backed up due to holiday travel. Not knowing exactly where to go I decided to just wing it and head in a direction that would lead back to the freeway. I ended up following a section of Old Highway 58 that resembled parts of Route 66. Along this route, we discovered Tom’s Welding garage covered in antique signs that would make the American Pickers salivate.

On the way back from this trip I was already planning other routes to visit family in SoCal. The opportunities for adventure and discovery by taking roads less traveled are some of the reasons why I enjoy road trips more than any other mode of travel. There’s much to be discovered between points A and B.