The Roads Less Traveled

It’s the Journey, Not the Destination!

We like to take the roads less traveled. It’s not just a cliche but a way of life for a couple of guides and photographers who love to take road trips to beautiful and interesting places.

What are roads less traveled? They are the journey and not simply a route that takes you from point A to point B in the least amount of time as possible. It’s a road with fascinating points of interest, adventure, history, small towns, unique shops and restaurants, oddities, and more. These are the roads we like to explore.

Can interstate freeways make the cut? Absolutely, many of the tours we guide are proof of this. We’ll show a few of these examples as we contribute to this section in the coming months.

Highways, Byways and Backways

In this section we offer suggestions on routes to consider when planning your Utah and Intermountain area road trips. Some of these routes you may have already traveled but perhaps you may not be aware of the points of interests and other unique hidden treasures. Our routes are primarily on pavement, but some take us off pavement onto the backways of the state and region. These are not off-road 4×4 routes, of which there are many, but are graded dirt roads anyone can drive, weather permitting.

Our suggestions are geared primarily for family road trips but will also be of value to hard core, tent camping, adrenaline induced adventure junkies.

We’re just getting started with The Roads Less Traveled so keep checking back for updates. You can also hear our suggestions weekly on the KSL Outdoors Radio Show with Tim Hughes Saturday mornings between 6-8 AM.