Poison Spring Canyon to Hite Utah

Photos taken in North Wash and Poison Springs Canyon near Glen Canyon and Bullfrog Basin

This past week I participated in an off-road exploratory trip with representatives from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Ticaboo Lodge, Hite Outpost and representatives from off-road clubs in Utah.

Our route took us from Poison Springs trailhead to Sunset Pass, Orange Cliffs and ended at Highway 95 at the Hite airstrip. We then drove our UTV’s back to Poison Springs where our trucks were parked. In all, total mileage including the drive back to our trucks was 100 miles.

It’s important to note that the trail through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is not currently open to off-road vehicles (UTV/ATV). The section is currently being studied by the folks at Glen Canyon, our trip was a part of the study.

Moki Queen Pictograph 37.96175998778094,-110.48842945972922
Hog Springs Rest Area 37.962928186674745,-110.49119470800434
Leprechaun Canyon 38.02684899096319,-110.53129253792753
Park here to hike Leprechaun Canyon 38.01648524504637,-110.53414102356584
Hite Outpost 37.876550807930386,-110.38392710522544
Hite Overlook 37.88205864660517,-110.40798175587105
Dirty Devil River Crossing 38.096889406964905,-110.40677751750047
Park Trailers Here 38.13742730364567,-110.60593790948349
Sunset Pass 38.06845573691286,-110.17985442645949
Poison Spring Canyon 38.09098521047239,-110.41188513931246