Paris Idaho Scenic Route

On a recent tour with a private group from Hong Kong, I wanted to make our last day memorable on what is typically a scenic shuttle ride from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake International. I often write about making the drive an adventure with family road trips. The same holds true for small group tours.  I know all the paved routes between Salt Lake City and Jackson Hole fairly well from having driven them for so many years, so figuring out a route with a few roadside attractions shouldn’t be a big problem.

My main objective was to include a roadside attraction on a scenic route at a place where it would be least expected. I decided to take a route that would include a stop in Paris…….Idaho.

Paris Idaho is on one of my favorite routes to Salt Lake that includes a stop at Bear Lake, considered the Caribbean of the Rockies for its turquoise-blue color, a mandatory raspberry shake stop at LaBeau’s in Garden City Utah, and a scenic drive through Logan Canyon. On this particular trip, we hit Garden City at lunchtime and discovered a wonderful restaurant that was new to me. It’s called the Campfire Grill located at the  Conestoga Resort known for its upscale glamping accommodations. I’ll write about this place in another entry.

Paris Tabernacle
Paris offers an unexpected surprise in an area least expected with one of my favorite historic LDS buildings. The tabernacle is located on the main drag in town and offers free daytime tours. The Romanesque architecture stands out in this little Idaho town located about 20 miles north of Garden City Utah. You have to appreciate the beauty of this building both inside and out. I have been in several LDS tabernacles and this one rates as one of the best.

For more details about the Paris Tabernacle, CLICK HERE