East Zion Adventures Rolls Out New Opportunities for Adventure in Kanab Utah

East Zion Adventures, an adventure company offering guided tours has expanded their services by adding an office in Kanab Utah making it their third location on the eastside of Zion National Park. Operations now include the flagship operation at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, an Orderville location on highway 89 north of the Mt. Carmel Junction, and now Kanab Utah that is centrally located to many of southwest Utah’s most popular outdoor attractions.

The new office in Kanab is located on the main drag in town (Highway 89) directly across from the historic Parry’s Lodge inside Denny’s Wigwam, a popular gift shop and long-time tourism business.

This new location, like the other two, offers guided Jeep tours, Canyoneering adventures, and horseback trail rides with experienced guides.

Jeep Tours

There’s nothing like a four-wheel-drive (4×4) Jeep Tour for exploring the scenic backcountry surrounding Utah’s Zion National Park. Large plateaus, desert landscapes, and scenic overlooks await the adventurer who wishes to experience the true west.  Guided Jeep Tours or guided side-by-side UTV trips, where you drive your own vehicle in a tag-along fashion, are just two of the ways you can discover the secret places outside of Zion.  It is said that all southwestern Utah could be a national park, and these adventures will take you places that most people will never see as they visit Zion National Park.

Explore the desert area next to Coral Pink Sand Dunes of East Zion. This tour passes views of two sandstone monoliths, and an incredible view from Red Knoll where you can see the skyline of Zion National Park. From this tour guests are also treated to an incredible view of the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. With a knowledgeable guide you will learn valuable information about the area as well as an enjoyable Jeep ride. You’ll be amazed at the capability of these modified Jeeps.

Horseback Trailrides

Trail riding with a wrangler in the rural parts of the southwest is about as western as it gets. Travelers coming to SW Utah are hoping to have such an experience and that’s exactly what the folks at East Zion Adventures are offering its guests. Earlier this year we saddled up, let out our best YEEHAW and rode quietly into the sunset. Okay, it was morning!
From their new operation in Kanab Utah, Horseback trail rides take you onto private property in Johnson Canyon located a few miles east of Kanab where the old set of the TV series, Gunsmoke still stands. Along the trail there are jaw dropping views of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument that offer a glimpse of what it might have been like to ride the open range back in the days of the wild west.


Currently they offer 2 of their most popular guided canyoneering options to very unique and beautiful slot canyons. The Coral Sands Half-Day Canyoneering Adventure gives guests the opportunity to explore stunning slot-canyons while also experiencing the unique activity of repelling. This experience has 5 total repels, with the highest descent over 70 feet tall. The second canyoneering option is Powell’s Way Full-Day Canyoneering Adventure for those who are looking for a little more built into it. This tour begins with a UTV ride to a canyon with 6 total repels where at the end you have a short hike to some Petroglyphs.

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