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Southeast Idaho and Utah

Ogden Valley / East Canyon Loop (130 miles)

Embark on a scenic road trip that loops from Salt Lake City to Ogden Canyon and back, traversing through picturesque landscapes and charming towns, with plenty of attractions to explore along the way.

Start your journey in either Salt Lake City or Ogden.

Ogden Canyon:

Your first stop is the breathtaking Ogden Canyon, where the rushing Ogden River and towering cliffs set the stage for your adventure. Pull over at one of the many scenic spots to capture the beauty of this natural wonder. Prior to driving through the canyon you can visit Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park to marvel at life-sized dinosaur sculptures, or take a hike on the Ogden Canyon Overlook Trail for breathtaking views.


Eden, you’ll find a peaceful community nestled in the Ogden Valley. Here, you can visit the Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum to immerse yourself in the local history and culture.Here, you can indulge in the local flavors at Carlos & Harley’s or Mad Moose Cafe for some hearty American fare.


In Huntsville, take a moment to appreciate the small-town charm and historical significance. You might enjoy water activities at Pineview Reservoir or explore the North Arm Watchable Wildlife Trail. Huntsville is home to the historic Shooting Star Saloon where you can get a cold drink and a glimpse into Utah’s past. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famous Star Burger.

Snowbasin Resort:

Next, head to Snowbasin Resort via Old Snowbasin Road. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking, mountain biking, or simply relaxing by the lodge with a refreshing drink. The drive along Old Snowbasin Road is known for its wildlife and stunning views of the mountains.

East Canyon Reservoir:

At East Canyon Reservoir, indulge in various water sports or simply enjoy the serene environment. The reservoir is a hub for trout fishing and offers beautiful spots for picnicking and relaxation. East Canyon State Park, a perfect spot for camping, fishing, or just enjoying the tranquility of the park’s International Dark Sky-certified campground.

Emigration Canyon:

As you loop towards Salt Lake City, drive through Emigration Canyon, where you can visit This Is The Place Heritage Park and learn about the early settlers of Utah. The canyon also offers a plethora of trails for hiking and mountain biking.  As you head towards Salt Lake City, take a detour through Emigration Canyon. Hike the Emigration Canyon Miners Trail or cycle the Emigration Canyon Cycle Route, both offering splendid views and a touch of history

Hogle Zoo:

Located across the road from This is the Place Heritage Park is the 42 acre Hogle Zoo and home to over 800 animals representing 240 species.

Salt Lake City:

Once in Salt Lake City, explore the urban landscape with visits to Temple Square and the Natural History Museum of Utah for a dose of culture and history.

After a day filled with exploration, return to Ogden to conclude your road trip where it began, perhaps with a satisfying meal at one of the local favorites like Tona Sushi Bar and Grill or The Sonora Grill.

This road trip offers a blend of outdoor activities, historical exploration, and natural beauty, making it an unforgettable experience for travelers of all interests. Enjoy your journey through Utah’s diverse landscapes and rich heritage!

Lodging recommendation:

The Alaskan Inn in Ogden Canyon is a charming boutique hotel that offers a unique lodging experience inspired by the natural beauty of Alaska. Features 22 Alaskan-inspired themed suites and private cabins. Guests can enjoy amenities such as a 2-person jacuzzi tub in every room, in-room dessert service, and complimentary breakfast served to the room.

Brian Head Zion Loop (164 miles)

Embark on a scenic road trip from Brian Head, Utah, that will take you through a treasure trove of natural wonders, historical sites, and charming towns. Here’s your guide to an unforgettable journey:

Brian Head:

Utah Begin your adventure in Brian Head, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its beautiful ski slopes in the winter and mountain biking trails in the summer. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast at The Last Chair Grill & Brews before hitting the road.

Cedar Breaks National Monument:

Just a short drive from Brian Head, Cedar Breaks National Monument offers breathtaking views of a natural amphitheater. Don’t miss the wildflower display in the summer or the vibrant fall colors. Don’t miss the chance to walk the rim and take in the breathtaking views.

Navajo Lake:

Continue to Navajo Lake for fishing, kayaking, or a leisurely picnic by the water. The lake’s serene setting is perfect for relaxation and nature photography.

Cascade Falls:

Next, head to Cascade Falls, where a moderate hike rewards you with views of a waterfall emerging from the cliffs. The trail offers a unique perspective of the area’s geology and lush scenery.

Duck Creek Village:

This quaint village is a gateway to outdoor activities. Explore the local shops, or if you’re feeling adventurous, venture into the surrounding trails for ATV riding or mountain biking. Enjoy a meal at Hot Mama’s Pizza & Brew or explore the nearby trails and lakes5.

Long Valley:

Drive through Long Valley, where open meadows and pastoral landscapes provide a tranquil backdrop for your road trip.

Mt. Carmel Junction:

At Mt Carmel Junction, stop by the Maynard Dixon Museum to appreciate art inspired by the West. For a bite, Thunderbird Restaurant is famous for its “Ho-Made Pies”.

Zion National Park:

Zion National Park is a must-visit with its towering cliffs and diverse landscapes. Hike trails like Angels Landing or The Narrows for an immersive experience with nature. No trip in this region is complete without exploring Zion National Park.

Grafton Ghost Town:

Take a detour to the Grafton Ghost Town, a well-preserved historical site that offers a glimpse into the past. It’s a photographer’s paradise and a history buff’s dream that was featured in the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”

Kolob Canyons:

Visit the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park for a quieter, yet equally stunning experience. The five-mile scenic drive offers stunning views, and the trails lead to secluded backcountry and the impressive Kolob Arch. At the end of the road take the one-mile out and back Timbercreek Trail hike for beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Cedar City:

Known as the gateway to the national parks, enjoy a cultural night out at the Utah Shakespeare Festival or explore the local dining scene. Try the Pastry Pub or Silver Silo for a casual lunch or Centro Woodfired Pizzeria for dinner.


On your way back to Brian Head, stop in Parowan, known as the “Mother Town of Southern Utah,” see historic sites like the Old Rock Church. Visit the Parowan Cafe for a home-cooked meal and indulge in a sweet roll from one of the many shops on Main Street to round off your trip.

Return to Brian Head:

Conclude your loop by heading back to Brian Head, where you can reflect on the memories made and sights seen during your Southern Utah road trip adventure. Safe travels

Remember to check the weather and road conditions before you go, especially for the outdoor activities, and ensure you have the necessary permits or passes for the national parks. Safe travels and enjoy the journey!

Lodging Recommendation:

Brian Head Lodge Hotel & Spa

Southeast Idaho / Teton Valley Loop (147 miles)

Embark on a delightful road trip that loops from Idaho Falls, ID, through the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Idaho, offering a mix of outdoor activities, culinary delights, and quaint attractions. Here’s your guide to an unforgettable journey:

Idaho Falls:

Start your adventure in Idaho Falls by visiting the scenic Idaho Falls River Walk near the LDS temple.

Swan Valley:

Drive to Swan Valley and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Snake River. Stop by the Rainey Creek Country Store to try their famous square ice cream.  


Next, head to Victor. Visit the Emporium for a world famous Huckleberry Shake.


Continue to Driggs and explore the Teton Geotourism Center, or drive to Grand Targhee Resort located 12 miles east in the Teton Mountains. For dining, Forage Bistro and Lounge serves up delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Driggs to Sugar City:

Driving through the Teton Valley from Driggs to Sugar City is a journey that showcases the natural beauty of Idaho. The route takes you along the Teton Scenic Byway, which is just under 70 miles long and offers some of the most incredible views of the Tetons


In Rexburg, stretch your legs at the Rexburg Nature Park. For a sweet treat, visit Millhollow Frozen Yogurt. Check out the Museum of Rexburg to learn about the Teton Flood and local history.

Yellowstone Bear World:

Visitors can enjoy the unique experience of viewing grizzly bears, American black bears, mountain goats, Rocky Mountain elk, bison, moose, mule deer, and white-tail deer in their natural habitats as they drive through the park.


Your next stop is Rigby. Learn about the history of television at the Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum

Return to Idaho Falls:

Conclude your loop by heading back to Idaho Falls. End your day with a relaxing dinner at the SnakeBite Restaurant, if you didn’t start there, or try Copper Rill Restaurant for a fine dining experience.

Throughout your journey, keep an eye out for roadside attractions like historical markers, local art installations, and natural wonders. Remember to check the opening hours for each location and make reservations where necessary. Enjoy your road trip through the beautiful Eastern Idaho! 

Lodging recommendation:

The Lodge at Bronze Buffalo Ranch (formerly Teton Springs Lodge & Spa) Teton Springs Lodge – Luxury Suites, Lodge Rooms, and Luxury Cabins – Victor Idaho

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