Capitol Reef Country’s Cathedral Valley and Caineville Desert

We’ve become enamored with the area along Utah’s Highway 24 between Capitol Reef National Park and Hanksville.  Here you’ll find some of Utah’s most water deprived terrain but, in the right light, this topography is magical.  When we say the words “right light” we mean the softer glow of sunrise, sunset, moonlight, or even starlight.

Recently we spent a couple of days and nights (slept under the stars) in this area and walked away with more photographs than intended. We just couldn’t stop shooting.  Below are a few photo galleries showing just some of what we acquired.  We hope you enjoy them!

This region is where the some of the desperados of the old west used to hang out.  One of our favorite dining establishments in this area is Hanksville’s Outlaw Roost.  Try their slow roasted meats in their Mexican style dishes, and add your own toppings and drizzles.  Top it off with some dessert.

Tell them Bob and Mark sent you.

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