Route 66

Las Vegas NV to Albuquerque NM

Get your kicks on Route 66!

Route 66, Main Steet of America, the Mother Road; however you wish to call it, this is America’s most famous road. It’s as Americana as it gets! It’s also very evident that the interest in Route 66 goes well beyond the U.S. borders, all you have to do is listen to the many languages heard at stops along the way. I’ve learned through years of marketing tourism that Europeans, especially, love to follow popular routes whether at home or abroad.

I’ve been fascinated with Route 66 since my youth beginning with the early years of going on family road trips to visit relatives to watching the weekly TV series. The interest never left but was placed on a back burner until recently.

The stretch of Route 66 that runs from Albuquerque through Arizona is the section that’s most accessible to where I live, which made it the logical stretch to plan for a tour. It’s packed full of interesting attractions from scenic landscapes to roadside diners, shops, motor lodges, and historic sites. I’ve wanted to plan this tour since the early 90’s, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to stop procrastinating and make it happen. After several trips mapping the route we ran the first tour in 2017.

For 90 years, Historic Route 66 has been America’s Road! It’s people have inspired writers, filmmakers, photographers, and artists.

It’s a road that represents a simpler time of family road trips, neon, classic cars, cowboys, and mom and pop diners. Arizona’s stretch of Route 66 has ever-changing wonders from towering red cliffs, open spaces with endless blue skies, mountains, expansive forests, and distant mesas that look like painted pictures. Route 66 tells a story of America’s historical move west. Mom and pop shops, diners, and motor lodges dot the route serving motorists looking for a better life out west, going on family road trips, or in search for adventure.

The creation of this super highway in 1926 linked small communities across eight states. Spanning more than 2,400 miles from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica CA, Route 66 represented a new found freedom for travelers in this region. John Steinbeck in 1939 proclaimed Route 66 as the “Mother Road,” in his classic novel, “The Grapes of Wrath,” that depicted life during the Great Depression. When the movie was made just a year later, it immortalized Route 66 in the American consciousness. Then on the heels of the Great Depression, came the dust bowl of the Midwest where 200,000 people traveled Route 66, the road to opportunity, migrating to California in search of new opportunity.

As World War II broke out, troops, equipment, and products were transported across Route 66 to California, and when the war ended in 1945, the Mother Road brought home thousands of servicemen. For these returning servicemen and their families, Route 66 became more than just a highway – it was a link to America’s wonders experienced through family road trips.

The lure of the Route has been immortalized in the hit song, “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” written by Bobby Troupe and performed by Nate King Cole Trio, The Rolling Stones, and many others, and by the television series, “Route 66,” which brought the Mother Road in to homes all over America in the 1960’s.

Old Town Santa Fe 35.683618090065394, -105.93792870899995
Meow Wolf 35.65465050734426,-105.99651958086628
Madrid NM 35.407415245395356,-106.15187815933837
Turquoise Trail 35.12526217705468,-106.36881244994322
Musical Highway, America the Beautiful 35.07431511787613,-106.41340712858766
Old Town Albuquerque 35.09610727290786, -106.67007593587164
Petroglyph National Monument 35.16109968180983,-106.71785784133078

Boca Negra Canyon

Acoma Pueblo 34.90176761705173,-107.58795429477152 Sky City Cultural Center
El Rancho Hotel 35.52970853930324,-108.72842367343094

Gallup NM

Window Rock Tribal Park 35.68140594130987,-109.04992247150182

Navajo Nation Capitol

Tee Pee Trading Post 35.35980534919054,-109.05042566274187

Lupton AZ

Stewart's Petrified Wood Shop 35.002048495449046,-109.89511866882259
Painted Desert Indian Center 34.99830759833649, -109.90357336362689
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site 35.709294894254775, -109.55868020882622
Petrified Forest National Park 35.06622011149157, -109.78586949913898
Wigwam Motel 34.90273000952011,-110.16881799933856

Holbrook AZ

Geronimo Trading Post 34.92005653921137, -110.25548559775564
Jack Rabbit Trading Post 34.96808527899785, -110.43046389746382
La Posada Hotel 35.0213416122042,-110.69477070160508

Winslow AZ

Standin’ On The Corner Park 35.0234277632214,-110.69803999348005

Winslow AZ

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark 35.03197792225818, -111.02096075095903
Two Guns 35.117123821191, -111.09616645148543
Twin Arrows Trading Post Ruins - Historic Route 66 35.161110813919635, -111.27910056770429
Walnut Canyon National Monument 35.17254484202024,-111.50955998327225
Lowell Observatory 35.19843542814405,-111.65155495077079

Flagstaff AZ

Chapel of the Holy Cross 34.83206498485369,-111.76657945627221

Sedona AZ

Jerome AZ 34.74903012473363, -112.11411646223712
Grand Canyon Railway 35.25195992472485,-112.19142405527805

Williams AZ

Desert View Watchtower 36.04411600447213,-111.82596149397204

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 36.059620526157985,-112.11039235823438
Ash Fork Route 66 Museum 35.222873585316115,-112.49197572649985

Ash Fork AZ

Delgadillos Snow Cap 35.32604043886968,-112.87293930090993

Seligman AZ

Grand Canyon Caverns 35.528774363536776,-113.23116230791749
Hackberry General Store 35.374974676566815, -113.72273119368077
Powerhouse Visitors Center 35.189065255149636,-114.0588747777569

Kingman AZ

Cool Springs Station 35.027497729449664,-114.30880485279704
Oatman AZ 35.026296639528475, -114.38351337895324
Hoover Dam 36.01560970333727, -114.73756783443537
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