Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon

A few photos from our trip to Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons at Page Arizona.

Located in the Lechee Chapter of the Navajo Nation east of Page Arizona, Antelope Canyon is divided by highway 98 near the Navajo Generating Station with lower and upper sections. Both sections are accessible by guided service only. It is not possible to go on your own. I recommend Antelope Canyon  Tours and Chief Tsosie Tours for Upper Canyon and Ken’s Tours for Lower Canyon.

Upper Canyon tours begin in Page via 4×4 truck shuttle. You will be exposed to the weather on the shuttle ride so dress warm in the winter months, summer can be a bit dusty and hot. The tour takes 1.5 to 2 hours with shuttle time with approximately an hour in the canyon.

Lower Canyon tours begin right from the office with a downhill walk to the bottom of the canyon. Once you reach the bottom you descend a series of stairs to the bottom and make your way back by climbing ladders through the canyon. The tour takes 60-90 minutes.

Both canyons are very busy and reservations can be hard to come by especially from March to November. Book early! Allocations of tours are being reduced in 2018 and rates are going up. Like Horseshoe Bend, there is a steady stream of tourists going to these sites. If you can visit in the winter months, I highly recommend it.