Bear Lake

“Caribbean of the Rockies”

Bear Lake is a 20-mile long and eight-mile wide natural lake with beautiful, placid waters that perfectly match the tranquil pace of the quaint towns that dot the shore. The northern half is located in Idaho and the southern half in Utah with the state lines dividing it. The turquoise color of the lake comes from the mineral calcium carbonate. The vibrant waters have led some people to call it the “Caribbean of the Rockies.”

On the western shore of Bear Lake, just north of Garden City and about an hour from Logan, is Bear Lake State Park and Marina. Bear Lake’s beauty along with the marina’s facilities and beaches makes it an ideal place for boating, fishing, playing and camping. Away from the lake, more than 100 miles of trails allow hikers, bikers and ATV fans to adventure to their hearts’ content. Read about the five best hikes in Bear Lake Valley

In the winter, the Bear Lake area transforms into a snowy adventureland, headlined by ice fishing and snowmobiling, and the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest.


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Beaver Creek Lodge 41.962772210061516,-111.5217812168247
LaBeau's (Raspberry Shakes) 41.947663898950616,-111.39358317238054
Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge 42.19245724078991,-111.32079995214707
Conestoga Ranch 41.953261304005636,-111.40234085326239

(844) 464-5267

Rendezvous Beach 41.8468586721849,-111.34473492679916
Bear Lake West Golf Course 42.00436924517784,-111.41564375235669
North Beach State Park 42.12005180809887,-111.29762518134578
Paris Tabernacle 42.22424777337016,-111.40050299421318
Ricks Spring 41.84008496560558,-111.58874690410647
Minnetonka Cave 42.08759957273289,-111.518764937696
Beaver Mountain Ski Area 41.96810910084258,-111.54094760085422
Fish Haven Canyon 42.03721397102184,-111.40159080022602
Laketown 41.824403595551125,-111.32158033622329
Garden City 41.94662987726361,-111.39338362989986